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Kirchner Says Seeing Russia as Threat to Global Security ‘Absurd

Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner stressed that the unipolar world, in which one country’s law is acknowledged to be the only correct law for every country, should be left in the past.   Russia is a major global actor, ...

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Kiev Again Swamped in Protest as Unpaid Miners Spearhead the Discontent.

Thousands of protesters gathered in the center of Kiev on Thursday, from protesting miners to farmers and municipal government officials to unknown groups of young men with white balaclavas on their heads shouting “We Have Had Enough!” Митинг окончен. Организаторы ...

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World Photo Of the Day!

Isn’t it sad how so many people hate or dislike this man, I wonder if any of them really have a good reason. He is surely no worse than any of our warmongering American, British or Australian leaders. When did ...

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More Repercussions From US/European Militarism

Over the weekend, a ship filled with migrants capsized off the coast of Libya. Hundreds of people, fleeing from the Middle East and Africa were reported to be on this ship and have perished. Libya…….That country rings a bell, right? ...

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Countries Should Think Twice Before Striking Iran After S-300 Delivery.

The Russian Foreign Minister said that Moscow does not want Iran to become a new target for the illegitimate use of force.   People will think twice about striking Iran once it receives Russian S-300 missile defense systems, Russian Foreign Minister ...

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21.04.2015 Ukraine Civil war Crisis News: War in Ukraine, EU, UN, Poroshenko, Kharkov

Kiev continues intense shelling of Shirokino, Peski, and Gorlovka in the Donetsk People’s Republic. According to the DPR Defense Ministry, pro-Kiev forces opened fire 74 times over the past 24 hours using battle-tanks, mortars, anti-tank guided missiles, grenade launchers and ...

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Ukraine SITREP: April 21th – Raskolnikova

1)Ukraine’s parliament has defined the start date of the “Russian aggression” Парламент Украины определил дату начала «российской агрессии» Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted a resolution which demanded Russia immediately withdraw its troops from the Ukraine and to stop supporting the “people’s republic”. ...

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Puppet Ukrainian PM in Delirious Rant Claims Russia Wants to Destabilize Planet

In a frantic interview for Italian daily newspaper la Repubblica, western puppet Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk demonstrated that he appears to be losing his grip on reality, stating that Russia is an aggressive state seeking to invade Europe and ...

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Russian Military Gives Sneak Peak of New Armata at Parade Rehearsal

Russia’s Defense Ministry distributed photographs of the new Armata tank and IFV on its parade readiness site. Russia’s Defense Ministry has somewhat revealed the new Armata platform, indicating photographs of both the tank and the infantry battling vehicle adaptations of ...

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Iran Not Arming Houthis, Claims US Thirst for Yemen Oil Provoking Bloodshed

As the US has intensified its saber-rattling rhetoric about possibility of a military standoff off the Yemeni coast, Iranian officials and political analysts insist that Iran is not pursuing any military aims in the area and that its navy, which ...

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