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21 Funny Memes From The Nigeria Vs Egypt Match

#TeamNigeria: 21 Funny Memes From The Nigeria Vs Egypt Match

12. In previous tournaments, Nigerians calculating our chances of qualifying from the group

Ok if North Korea manage to fight South Korea, and then portable drop another single, sorry I mean Seychelles drop 3 points, we will qualify, EXCEPT marvel release another avengers before… Oh men, screw this 

13. When it suddenly hits all of us that, with the way we’re playing, it means we may qualify from the group with one match to spare, meaning that we may be seeing Akpeyi in the last group match

14. Eguaveon’s face when Iheanacho is trying to explain how he couldn’t control the ball with open net in front of him

“You dun mean it?”

15. Nigerian goalkeeper in the middle of the match

“Hey Omeruo, I want to go and buy Pepsi, can I get you guys anything?”

16. Zaidu sanusi to the team dry cleaner after the game

“Pls check my jersey, there’s a particular Salah in one of the pockets, remember to remove it before washing”
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