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21 Funny Memes From The Nigeria Vs Egypt Match

#TeamNigeria: 21 Funny Memes From The Nigeria Vs Egypt Match

Picture 1: Nigerians before the match
Picture 2: Nigerians during the match

I still hate you but for 90 minutes we have a common enemy

18. When you’re enjoying Nigeria’s tiki taka in the 80th minute and babe comes to check whether “my heart beats for Lola” has started on telemundo


19. Nigerians, in our usual troublesome manner, showing up on Egyptians’ social media pages like:

You wantu Bamba? You wanna chill with the big boys?

20. Nigeria’s new Portuguese coach watching the match like:

Gbese, how do I tell them that even me can’t coach up to this one. And they have wired advance already 

21. When you read Ahmed Musa’s interview saying he will retire after this AFCON, but his official age is still 29 

Baba can even claim 17 if he likes, but bones can’t lie. When they’re tired they’re tired.

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