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Failed McDonald’s Products

See 9 Failed McDonald’s Products (Photos/Video)

8 – McDLT

The McDLT (McDonald’s Lettuce and Tomato) was sold in a book kind of packaging. The meat and bottom half the bun were prepared separately from the lettuce, tomato, American cheese, pickles, sauces, and top half the bun. Both were then packaged into a specially designed two-sided container. The customer was then expected to finalize preparation of the sandwich by combining the hot and cool sides just ahead of eating. The initial problem was that the packaging was unwieldy – but worse: who would like to buy junk food and then put it together  by themselves?

The atrocious video above is practically reason enough with this incredible failure of a product. It stars the famous Jason Alexander in a single of the most awful adverts from the 80s. This burger eventually found its way back to McDonald’s rebranded, restyled, and actually assembled for you , while the Big N’Tasty.


7 – Arch Deluxe

McDonald’s positioned the Arch Deluxe as a “hamburger for adults” — with a sophisticated, adult taste. Arch Deluxe ads showed kids making “yucky faces,” showing up their noses at the brand new adult burger. They even showed Ronald engaged in “adult” activities like golf and pool. And caused by spending over $100 million on the Arch Deluxe campaign? As one Wall Street analyst put it: “They teed off one of the  most expensive campaigns ever, and still we estimate that comparable store sales were down for the quarter.” An important management shake-up followed shortly thereafter.

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