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Failed McDonald’s Products

See 9 Failed McDonald’s Products (Photos/Video)

In an effort to stay afloat, McDonald’s sporadically used new menue items. A number of them turn into a good accomplishment while the others are meant to crash before they actually begin. Today we look at about 9 of the worst McDonald’s products and services which ultimately dropped in to obscurity or faded entirely. Please feel free to say your own personal beloved worst products and services in the comments sections.

9 -Hulaburger
Failed McDonald’s Products

The Hulaburger was probably the most popular fail of Ray Krok  (the person who acquired the small time McDonald’s business and made it in to the mega-franchise we know today). The burger was developed in 1963 was targeted at Roman Catholics who have been forbidden to consume beef on Fridays. It  was essentially a burger but with a piece of blueberry in place of meat. The burger was a catastrophe – unlike the Filet-O-Fish that was being advertised at the same time by a Cincinnati franchise.

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