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Failed McDonald’s Products

See 9 Failed McDonald’s Products (Photos/Video)

3 – McPasta

After testing pasta in the South in 1989, McDonald’s began testing a pasta-based menu at 40 units across Rochester, N.Y. in September 1991, including lasagna, fettuccine alfredo, and spaghetti with meatballs. In early 1990s a New Dinner Menu was tested for 6–12 months at two locations in New York and Tennessee. It contained the aforementioned  pizza but in addition included lasagna, spaghetti, fettuccine alfredo, and roasted chicken as entrees. The side dishes included mashed potatoes and gravy and a vegetable medley. Such as the McPizza, people just weren’t enthusiastic about eating pasta at McDonald’s. Recently the business tried pasta meals for children in New Zealand and Australia – both countries are removing them (or considering it) from their menus because of low demand.

2 – McAfrica

What’s the worst thing you might do when widespread famine in Africa is all over the news? Release and market a McAfrica burger – something to chow down on while watching the supposed  starving children on TV. The situation with the product wasn’t in the indegent flavor, it had been in the indegent taste timing of the advertising campaign. This isn’t first McDonald’s made this mistake – in 2002 they released the McAfrika in Norway which contained beef and vegetables in pita bread. The backlash was severe so McDonald’s put donation boxes for famine relief in most stores selling the product. With such brilliant marketing, perhaps people could enjoy a McHolocaust in the future.

1 – McLean Deluxe


The initial problem with this specific burger was that men were deterred off it (much like Diet Coke which result in Coke Zero). Another problem was its taste. In the advert above you observe that McDonald’s was marketing it as “zero fat but tastes great” – however it didn’t. The fat which was removed was replaced with water – but to help make the water stay static in the meat, it had been combined with carrageenan – seaweed to you by me. The burger tasted awful, had a small market, and failed dismally that is really no surprise.This article is licensed beneath the because it has quotations from Wikipedia.

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