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Failed McDonald’s Products

See 9 Failed McDonald’s Products (Photos/Video)

6 – McLobster

What did it fail? The purchase price! Who would like to spend $5.99 on a fast food burger that you realize won’t satisfy your hunger? And let’s face it – it seems like someone threw up in a bun! The product is obviously still obtainable in some Canadian franchises and occasionally in Maine. Frankly, if you like lobster, you aren’t going to visit McDonald’s to obtain it. Perhaps next season they’ll introduce the McFoieGras or the McCaviar.

5 – McHotdog

In his 1977 autobiography CEO Ray Kroc prohibited the firm from selling hot dogs, aside from potential demand, as he regarded them as unhygienic; however, hot dogs were introduced in the late 1990s at some midwestern located stores (at the option of the franchise-holder) as a summer item. UK Stores sold Hot Dogs throughout the late nineties on the McChoice menu (later PoundSaver). Also, one or more American restaurant offered Oscar Mayer hot dogs at some point, and McDonald’s locations at Toronto Metro Zoo and SkyDome in Toronto offered hot dogs until 1999. In Tokyo locations hot dogs were for sale in 2001, and have already been reintroduced for 2009, dubbed the “McHot Dog.” Despite many attempts to revive the McHotdog, it really never sticks.

4 – McPizza

In the mid-nineties, McDonald’s went to the pizza business; the resulting pizza was bland (like a lot of McD’s food offerings), and most people who actually wanted pizza went along to a pizza place like they always had. The business and its frachisees were left on the hook for expensive new ovens and widened drive through windows that weren’t needed. Even saturation marketing wasn’t enough to alter the pizza habits of ordinary Americans, and McPizza was gradually abandoned, and generally forgotten. Why did the product fail? Simply speaking, people didn’t associate McDonald’s with pizza and they could buy better pizza elsewhere.

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