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DEPRESSION: Adetutu Adedokun and ‘E no consign me’, “ko kan mi”…..

Depression is Real!!!!

Yesterday, I posted here about an undisclosed lady who jumped into the Lagos lagoon after she alighted from an Uber cab. Well, her name is Adetutu Adedokun. She is in her late thirties, beautiful and accomplished.

Reports had it that she had a ‘heated conversation’ with her fiancé, who had proposed to her some weeks ago. In Nigeria where getting a well-paying job is like the appearance of an eclipse, she stepped into the shoes of her parents as a DSS operative. She was an unarmed combat instructor, and damn, the babe was good at what she does. She recently received a letter of commendation from the Director-General of DSS as the best-unarmed combat operative in her set! Wow. An impressive CV. A burgeoning career for a lady who should have the world beneath her feet.

Let’s face it, this trend is becoming alarming. On May 27, 2022 (almost six months ago), it was Afolake Abiola who drank pesticide in her Lekki apartment. Afolake was an accountant, so her suicide couldn’t have been hunger-related.

On the 5th of April, 2022, Olatoye Bamgboye was stopped from jumping into this same lagoon on his birthday.

A 21-year-old Odunare Olalekan was not lucky to be stopped last year December.

On the 24th of October, it was reported again that a man jumped over the bridge for a false accusation of theft.

I watched a gory video of a man who recorded his last moments some months ago before he hanged himself. He was indebted and had lost confidence because no one wants to trust him anymore. Including family members!!

These, and many more, are the ‘lots’ that are happening to ‘lots’ of people who are going through ‘lots’.

Nice looks, lovely cars, Facebook smiles, WhatsApp status make-ups, etc are not to be equated with sane minds anymore. Please, check on someone today. Don’t assume people are happy. Ensure they are….! Don’t be afraid if people will accuse you of bumping into their privacy, you should rescue a depressed mind than you minding your business only to know later that the guy next door had gone swimming in an endless lagoon. If I were you, I would feel guilty for the rest of my good life. And so should you.

We need to stop saying ‘e no consign me’, bro, e consign you kpa! You read the Bible, and the scripture tells you to be your brother’s keeper. So what have you been ‘keeping’? Oh, you are keeping to yourself abi? You go through the book, and it says the same thing, describing brotherhood with a body. If any part of the body knows pain, the whole body feels it. And you still think e no consign you?

Please, dear friends, check on me. You won’t barge into my privacy. Check on me. Go ahead. I might be going through ‘lots’ too, don’t assume I’m doing fine with no worries since I post sensible things. People can lose their senses within seconds.

Why have we not seen or heard of lunatics jumping into the lagoon? Why has it been people who we think are ‘normal’ doing the unthinkable? This calls for a reflection folks. Check on the guy living in the next flat. Call a church member. Check a brother you did not see in the mosque.

Don’t assume, be sure!!

If you have issues you are going through, speak to someone. Just talk it out. You need your sanity more than you need that ugly issue stuck into your throat. Everyone has a dark closet, so who cares?

Say it.

Talk it.

Yarn it.

‘Soro soke’ my brother/sister.

Let’s share our pains, as much as we are sharing our joy.

Abeg Nah! Please I’m getting afraid more.

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