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smart food indomie swallow

Smart food Video: How to make Indomie Swallow (Would you try this?)

Guessing any swallow could be classified as smart food. There is no need to chew swallow food, just as the name implies. You don’t need to chew it as the mixtures have already been broken into particles for you. One could bet this is a smarter food than any burger out there.

Video of Indomie Swallow

Could it be called fast food?
No, because the time it takes to prepare any swallow food. This does not make it qualify to be categorized under fast food. Fast food also has a kind of connotation to unhealthy food intake – due to the nature surrounding content used to make such food.

Watch smart food Video above – how to make Indomie swallow and let us know on twitter or FB if you would you try this?

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