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Can I Forgive Her Past And Move On With Her?

Let me just go straight to the point. My girl that we’ve been dating for a year plus now just told me a week ago that she lived a couple’s life with her ex back in school right from when she entered 300l (4yrs course) and the guy 400l (5yrs course) and I’ve not been able to get over it.

It happened a week ago, we were together and she saw a post of her ex engagement to his current girlfriend and she started feeling bad, so I asked her what happened and a little bit angry with her thinking maybe she was not over her ex yet. She told me she has gotten over him but she just remembered her past so I try to console her to let go and if there’s something she hasn’t told me yet about her past that is still eating her up she can tell me because before now we’ve talked about a lot of things about our past and we’ve try to forgive each other and let the past be in the past.

She had told me it was this only guy she had dated and it was the same guy that disvirgined her. I was not bothered about that because I was not a virgin either. She told me she has moved on even before I came and she stayed for close to a year to heal up and all through this time I was asking her out but she never said yes and never told me she was going through heart break.

Now, it’s a year and few months into our relationship, she’s been a very good girl, supportive and hard working. And now she just told me this, coupled with some lies she has used to cover it up in some of our previous conversations about her school life.

I’m not perfect either and I’ve had my past which I have told her. I never lived a couples life back in school and it was only a girl I’ve also had anything sexual relationship to do with.

Why am emotionally down now is because I know what it is like to live a couples life in school. I never lived as one but I know of people that lived as such in school and I know what happens.

Now I don’t know if I can forget about this and we move on. I love this girl so much and she has shown to also love me as much and I’ve tried to forget about what happened but most times when I see her now I tend to always remember and it eats me up.

Do you guys think I can forget about this?

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