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Odu Irete Otura: What to learn from Ifa in this beautiful story

I wish we can all spare some minutes to learn from Ifa in this beautiful story in Irete Otura. Yesterday’s post as requested from one of my student about what Ifa taught us about beating ones parents. Another request reached me yesterday to talk about parents misleading their children also.

Ifa made it known that most of the time, the outcome of a child is determined by the type of mother you are. Responsibility of the child lies in the hand of the woman and she will determine the future of the child.

This is what Ifa said in the sacred Odu Irete Otura. The Stanza goes thus:

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  1. Segun Akerele

    The philosophy of IFA is second to none. Yoruba is one among the most philosophical tribes I can ever think about.

  2. Adekunle Opeyemi

    Eku owun. This is a special advice for the parent

  3. Kenny Fasemore

    Thank you babalawo. Ifa wil contnue to guid u. Ase oo

  4. Kenny Fasemore

    Aboru Aboye…… Ogbo Ato.

  5. Tony Balogun

    Thanks a lot for the piece of advice,IFA will continue to increase u in knowledge.

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