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7 Ways To Raise A Child To Trust AND Respect You

4. Catch them doing good

Imagine how you’d feel if — no matter how hard you tried to demonstrate “good” behavior — there’s always someone pointing out how “bad” you are.

Now imagine instead that every time you turn around, someone is saying, “You did this right! And this behavior is how you keep that mistake from happening again.”

You’d not only respect the encourager more, but you’d go out of your way to please them.

Try catching yourself being good, too and tell your child. Let them know that your first response was to get angry, until you realized a better way to handle the situation. Doing this is an ideal way to model what you’d like to see from your kids (and gain their respect at the same time). Kids respect you more when they see you’re humble enough to do your own personal work, too.

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