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7 Ways To Raise A Child To Trust AND Respect You

6. Trust that they’ll find their way

Let your kids trust their own instincts. Let them fail a lot while they’re young and the repercussions of mistakes are still small stakes. In the grand scheme, it’s better that your child fails a semester because you refused to harangue them about their responsibilities, than fail at a job in adulthood when their family and mortgage are on the line.

Your child WILL stumble while learning responsibility and intrinsic motivation. Let them learn as early as possible. Modern life is changing quickly. Our kids will require more agility in life and business if they want to succeed. Agility comes from a reliance on self, not others.

Encourage your child’s willingness to think differently than you — it’s not personal — it’s growth! Relate to their emotional state once they’ve realized their mistakes. And celebrate the victory you didn’t see coming, too!

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