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Tragedy: Indian boy commits suicide while taking a selfie with a gun

A 15 year old Indian boy, Ramandeep Singh accidently shot himself in the head with his dad’s .32 pistol while attempting to take a selfie on Friday evening. He was posturing with his helder sister with the firearm held to his head when he pulled the weapon’s trigger as opposed to tapping the camera button on his telephone.

He was taken to a private doctor’s facility in Punjab with the slug still held up in his brain after neighbors heard the gunfire and informed his family , who were not home at the time.

On Sunday, the city’s agent police director, Manoj Kumar, said the 15-year-old is being dealt with in a healing facility at Pathankot in Punjab state and was expected to survive.

Kumar said:

“The boy’s father and family said that he was trying to take a selfie with his gun,” he said. “We will speak to the boy when he is declared medically fit. We think that part of the blame obviously goes to the father for not keeping his loaded gun under lock and key at their home.”

Nonetheless, late Sunday night, Kumar confirmed that the indian boy didn’t make it, he succumbed to his wounds and kicked the bucket.

A man was truly harmed in April by an elephant when he attempted to take a selfie with the chained creature at a celebration in Kerala, as indicated by the Hindustan Times on Sunday.

There have been such a variety of episodes about adolescents getting slaughtered or harmed while attempting to take selfies.

Police in India have identified 16 risky selfie spots in Mumbai and requested that the nearby council erect cautioning signs and deploy lifeguards.


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