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Edo Lawmakers Attack: “Open Letter To Governor Godwin Obaseki” – Ogbeide Ifaluyi-isibor

  Ogbeide Ifaluyi-Isibor, the Coordinator, Dynamic PDP Vanguard in Edo writes an open letter to Governor Godwin Obaseki pertaining the harassment of some members elect  ;.

We’re able to recall, thugs attacked Adams Oshiomhole’s Brother, Mr Seidu Oshiomhole on Tuesday alongside 14 otherlawmakers-elect in their state during a meeting at an undisclosed location.
Based on reports, the meeting was necessitated by the Monday midnight inauguration of nine members of the brand new parliament and subsequent election of Frank Okiye as speaker.

Ogbeide Ifaluyi-Isibor wrote:
“Dear Gov Godwin Obaseki, 
It is a good time to salute your effort in inaugurating  the Edo State House of Assembly,it hasn’t come without some hiccups and it is our hope that they will be resolved shortly.

As much as I am in perfect simulacrum with some of your actions in the past few days, I will however implore you to resist the temptation of engaging thugs and hoodlums in the course of this battle. 
I applauded you very early when you drove these twisted men into their caves when you became Governor, Edo people loved the fact that some sanity had returned to their streets. If we applauded you for keeping them in coolers then, we won’t applaud you as we see some of them being resurrected just now only to be used by your government against your opponents. 
In my opinion, the harassment of some members elect at some hotel yesterday wasn’t necessary.  Let’s not get deep into the gutters to fight pigs, instead we should bring them to higher grounds and defeat them in the full glare of the public. You can verily use the instrument of the state as Governor to prosecute this battle howbeit in a decent manner, I will plead that you ascend above the temptation to use dirty men in this noble course to defeat the prince of thieves who doesn’t know that his time is up.

Let me also add that your media circle be boosted even more,there are some soldiers who were for you back in the days, the Constance Onaiwus,the Jack Obinyans and a host of others should be re-engaged just now to broaden your media chest and elevate your presence. 
Lastly sir, do all that’s expedient to be done but do all you can to engage thugs NOT. It has never benefited the government or the people and it never will. Thank you!
Ogbeide Ifaluyi-isibor wrote from inside Ogida barracks.”

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