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Photos: Top 19 Jersey For Russia 2018 World Cup

Here’s how we see the home strips that we’ll witness at Russia 2018…

19. Germany

Leroy Sane and Emre Can are here, and they’re looking good (Image: Martin Rose)
As with the rest of this batch of Adidas kits, there is something of a pleasingly retro look to the number Germany will be wearing in Russia.

And it suits them, doesn’t it?



18. Switzerland

Meh (Image: xxxxxxxxxxx)
We swear we’ve been here before, too.

We have, right?

17. Sweden

Right, you’re having a laugh now.

Sweden have definitely worn this at every major tournament they’ve ever been in for for the last 20 years.


16. Iran

The Iranian kit has already seen some action (Image: AFP)
Iran will be gracing the World Cup in the kit they qualified for it in, with the strip seen in September’s playoff win over Syria also going to be the same one they’ll be wearing in Russia.

Adidas seems to have given them, Sweden and Russia the thin end of the wedge though, as there were much nicer designs available.

15. Mexico

Very… Mexican (Image: Adidas)
Mexico’s flash of green is always welcome at every World Cup they grace, but they do seem to have taken the Route One approach this time around.

It’ll do though.
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