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Photos: Top 19 Jersey For Russia 2018 World Cup

10. Argentina

Yep, that’s definitely an Argentina kit (Image: Adidas)
It’s alright. Actually it’s better than alright. It’s an Argentina kit, so it’d be hard for it not to be alright.

All a bit paint by numbers though.

9. Egypt

Mo Salah will be running down the wing in this (Image: xxxxxxxxxxx)
The kit sported by Mohamed Salah and company this summer deserves to be a hit, and there’s something about the check pattern on the shirt which makes it so.

It’s bit different, and that is to be applauded.

8. England

Good, innit? (Image: NIKE)
Yeah, it’s alright isn’t it? As England kits go, anyway.

The collar looks nice, and the more simplistic design fits in well with the placement of the number.

Should be a winner, even if the team aren’t.

7. France

Very smart (Image: NIKE)
This is a bloomin’ nice football kit.

Not veering too far away from traditional French kits, but does it need to? Of course not.

Would maybe be higher if they’d stuck their neck out and gone all blue. But we’re fans. Solid top 10 kit.


6. Russia

It’s all bit basic for us (Image: Adidas)
The hosts could have gone for something daring, special and memorable for their time in the spotlight in the summer.

Instead they’ve just done what they always do. We swear we’ve been here before. Isn’t this what they’ve always worn?

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