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8 Wonderful Examples of How We Impact Our Brains

The human brain is the most mysterious organ inside our body. Scientists constantly learn new things about its work, however it still hides plenty of secrets.  Ooduarere chose to acquaint you with the brightest discoveries of the last couple of ...

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Benin City sapele

See 5 Lovely Things About Benin City (Must read)

Benin City is the stunning capital of Edo state. It’s the biggest market of Nigeria’s rubber industry and processing palm nuts for oil can be a significant traditional industry there. There many interesting things to explore in this historic and ...

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tte most beautiful city in nigeria Eko-atlantic

The Most Beautiful City in Africa: Eko Atlantic City Updates – Photos

Eko Atlantic is a complete new coastal city being built on Victoria Island adjacent to Lagos, Nigeria, to resolve the chronic shortage of real-estate in the world’s fastest-growing megacity. It is just a focal point for investors capitalising on rich ...

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Top 60 Important Abbreviations You Might Not Know

Many Use These Abbreviations Without Knowing Their Meaning 1.) *GOOGLE* – Global Organization Of Oriented Group Language Of Earth. 2.) *YAHOO* – Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle. 3.) *WINDOW* – Wide Interactive Network Development for Office work Solution. 4.) *COMPUTER* ...

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Practical Yoruba classes starts on January 28, 2017!!

Mo kí gbogbo yín o! Ẹ kú òwúrọ̀! Ìkéde ẹ̀kọ́ ọ Yorùbá tí yío bẹ̀rẹ̀ ní ìparí oṣù yí ni mo ní kí nfi tó o yín l’étí o. Bí ẹ ti mọ̀ tẹ́lẹ̀ wípé mo ti ṣe àfihàn onírúurú ...

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1. ?No matter how beautiful and handsome you’re just remember Baboon and Gorillas also attract tourists . ✌Stop Boasting✌ 2.?No matter how big and strong you are, you will not carry yourself to your Grave . ✌Be Humble✌ 3.?No matter ...

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free education

Check Out Top 10 Scholarships In Belgium For International Students

Belgian Government Scholarships for International Students »   Belgian Technical Cooperation (BTC) Scholarships and Traineeships The Belgian Development Agency offers scholarships for students from 18 partners’ countries of the Belgian development cooperation.  The scholarships support (master and doctorate) studies, internships, trainings, study ...

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Top 22 Scholarships For Outstanding International Students

Check Out Top 22 Scholarships For Outstanding International Students

Although not all, most scholarship programs are merit-based meaning scholars are chosen predicated on academic merit or in others forms such as for example leadership, athletic, or artistic merits.  Merit-based scholarships are now and again called excellence scholarships because it ...

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ifa ni

What Is The Meaning Of The Word Igbodú

The word igbodú, as in the oru del igbodú, refers to the place in ancient Yorubaland where the priests received the oracle of Ifá. Also, in Cuba and wherever Santería is practiced, igbodú refers to the room or area where ...

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See The Nature Of N-Power Assessment Questions

SEE the questions given to N-TEACH Candidate Which is the smallest fraction among the following? Select one: a. 3/4 b. 6/7 c. 1/2 d. 6/5 How did you do in the test? Not so well. I ______ much better but ...

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