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Turkey Recalls Ambassadors To U.S And Israel

Turkey has recalled its ambassadors to the US and Israel for consultations following May 14 massive protests at the Gaza border triggered 60 Palestinians killings, Turkish newspaper Hurriyet reported on May 15. Following the May 14 clashes at the Gaza ...

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Random Comment: The Big Sulk – The US Is The Spoiled Brat At Every Party

This comment was chosen by moderator HS from the post “Ramin Mazaheri interviewed by Sputnik on US breaking JCPOA” . The moderator felt the comment is a take on the breaking of the Iran deal by the US that adds an interesting ...

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putin natanyahoo

Was Netanyahu able to convince Putin to surrender Iran? (Ruslan Ostashko)

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Hassan Nasrallah: Is Israel heading towards a regional war?

Speech by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on May 7, 2018, after the legislative elections in Lebanon (won by Hezbollah and its allies). Translation: unz.com/sayedhasan Transcript: […] We believe that the composition of the new Parliament [following the May 6 ...

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Russia 2018 World Cup To Be Broadcast In Pidgin And Hausa

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Israeli Forces Kill Dozens Palestinian Protesters Ahead Of Us Embassy Opening In Jerusalem

UPDATED 3: According to the updated info, 43 Palestinains have been killed and over 2,200 have been injured. UPDATED 2: 41 Palestinians have been killed, over 1,700 others have been injured. The Palestinian government described the violence as a “terrible massacre” perpetrated “by ...

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Syrian War Report – May 14, 2018: Battle For Southern Damascus Enters Its Final Phase

Following a full liberation of Beit Sahm, Babbila, Sidi Miqdad and Yelda in southern Damascus, Syrian government forces have focused their efforts on combating ISIS in the Yarmouk refugee camp, Taqaddom and in the northern part of al-Hajar al-Aswad. The ...

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Syria Imposes New Rules of Engagement on Israel

by Sayed Hasan translated Source : http://sayed7asan.blogspot.fr/2018/05/la-syrie-impose-de-nouvelles-regles-de.html On Thursday 10th May 2018, an unprecedented exchange of strikes happened between Israel and Syria. The mainstream media, as well as some “alternative” media like Russia Today, were quick to relay the Israeli army version, according to which ...

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Times Are A Changing in German Media?

By Sergio Weigel  In Germany the most powerful political force is the media which has been chasing politicians to make the policy their masters, “neoliberal” think tanks, bank and industry lobbies and Atlanticist think tanks aka Warshington, wanted. But German state ...

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ex cia

Disgusting beyond words! (There is MAGA at work)

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