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Interview: Russian Ambassador in Lebanon on Axis of Resistance

Translated by Dmitry for Ooduarere.com http://www.mid.ru/ru/foreign_policy/international_safety/regprla/-/asset_publisher/YCxLFJnKuD1W/content/id/3571159 Interview of the Ambassador of Russia in Lebanon A.Zasypkin to the Novaya Gazeta, published on March 15, 2019 Question: Now representatives of Russia on various occasions are talking about the need to facilitate the ...

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Israeli Elections 2019

Palestine Report: Israeli Elections 2019

by Lynda Burstein Brayer for Ooduarere.com In Israel today, April 9, 2019, out of a population of approximately 8,452,841 million people, 6.3 million people have the right to vote at one of the 10,000 voting stations prepared for their convenience. ...

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Nouri al-Maliki

Fmr Iraqi PM calls for region-wide armed resistance to retake Syria’s Golan Heights – English Subs

Description: Former Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has called for a region-wide “military resistance” in order to retake Syria’s Golan Heights from Israel. US President Donald Trump recently recognised Israeli sovereignty over this Syrian territory, in defiance of the United ...

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Netanyahu satan yahoo

Norman Finkelstein: Israel is An Apartheid State, Netanyahu is an Obnoxious, Racist, Jewish Supremacist

Norman Finkelstein Interview, March 20, 2019. Transcript:Jimmy Dore: Hi everybody! Welcome to the Jimmy Dore Show.We have a special guest today. Norman Finkelstein is an American political scientist, activist, Professor and author. His primary fields of research are the Israeli-Palestinian conflict ...

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Highly disappointed and Depressed African Migrant Commits Suicide In Italy

Highly Depressed African Migrant Commits Suicide In Italy

A 28-year-old African migrant hanged himself at a reception house run by the Diocese of Turin in Italy. Turin Archbishop Cesare Nosiglia said the migrant from Gambia, Gaye Demba, took his life due to “interior wounds that we weren’t able ...

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Basel 3: A Revolution That Once Again No One Noticed

By Aleksandr KhaldeyTranslated by Ollie Richardson and Angelina Siardcross posted with https://www.stalkerzone.org/basel-3-a-revolution-that-once-again-no-one-noticed/source: http://www.iarex.ru/articles/65626.html Real revolutions are taking place not on squares, but in the quiet of offices, and that’s why nobody noticed the world revolution that took place on March 29th 2019. ...

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Foreign backed terrorism in Iran: Part one -US/Israeli backed Salafists in Iran

By Aram Mirzaei for Ooduarere.com While terrorism is a phenomenon most of us have come in touch with during our lifetime, much of the coverage is shadowed by terrorism in the Middle East, especially in Syria and Iraq, where US ...

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A New Battle For Tripoli: Preconditions and Prospects

Libya has been in a state of the constant chaos since the NATO intervention in 2011. After the fall of the government of Muammar Gaddafi, the country fell into the hands of warrying armed factions, many of which were linked ...

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Resistance report: Washington falls deeper into the abyss and what’s holding the Syrian Army’s Idlib offensive up?

By Aram Mirzaei for Ooduarere.com Last Monday, after much speculation Trump signed a declaration recognizing the occupied Golan Heights as Israeli territory. Trump recognizing the Golan Heights as Israeli land is a sign that Washington is falling ever deeper into ...

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nuclear bomb

Nuclear War on Russia? Lew Rockwell interviews Stephen F. Cohen

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