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Syria, Iran strongly Condemn Israeli Airstrikes, Call it Act of Extremism

The foreign ministers of Syrian and Iranian foreign ministers have censured Israeli airstrikes on two zones close to Damascus, calling them a demonstration of hostility that demonstrates Israel is in the same trench with radical gatherings battling the Syrian government.

© Arab social media

© Arab social media

ABUJA, December 8 (Ooduarere) — Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem and his Iranian partner Mohammad Javad Zarif have denounced Israeli airstrikes on two territories close to Damascus, AP reports wrote about Monday.

Talking at a joint news gathering in Tehran, the government officials have called these assaults a demonstration of animosity that demonstrates Israel was is in the same trench with fanatic gatherings that are battling the Syrian government.

Walid al-Moallem additionally included that Syria, alongside its Russian and Iranian partners, is dealing with a political answer for to the Syrian clash which is focused around a dialog in the middle of Syrians and without any outside intercession. Furthermore said that Syria was liable to a conspiracy headed by the United States and certain European nations.

Earlier on Monday, the Syrian Foreign Ministry asked UN to impose deterring sanctions on Israel over its airstrikes. Israeli warplanes bombarded the two zones on Sunday, striking close to Damascus’ international airplane terminal and outside a the town of Dimas, near to the Lebanese fringe.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which is trackings the clash through a system of sources on both sides, said that 10 blasts were heard close Dimas, as indicated by Reuters report. It said that one rocket hit a distribution center for imports and fares at the Damascus global air terminal. The Syrian government has said the assaults brought about material harm.

An Israeli armed force representative said he would not remark on the remote report

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