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ỌYA: The Guardian Of The Realm Between Life And Death

Ọya is one of the very powerful African Goddesses (Orisa). A Warrior-Queen, she is the sister-wife of the God Sango, to whom she gave the energy to produce storms. A lot of Ọya’s power is rooted in the natural world; ...

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The Fact That Adó Ewi Is The Home Of Òrúnmìlà Is Undisputable.

Although, we all known that Ile-Ife is the cradle of all Yoruba race, and it is a sacred town that all the deities descended to, so any orisa can be celebrated there, but when they lived many years in otu Ifè,

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Odu Ifa

What Odu Ifa says in Osa logbe

Today, Sunday, Ojo Aiku (day of immortality), Ose Ifa, looking at the Odu, “Osa logbe”, what else can we request from Ifa if not longevity because he/she who is endowed with longevity receives goodness Just listen to one of the stanzas:- ...

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2019 World Ifa/Orisa Pilgrimage In Ekiti And Ife.

2019 World Ifa/Orisa Pilgrimage In Ekiti And Ife.

I am very certain that Orunmila and other Orisa will be dancing and enjoying with what is happening with Ifa and Orisa Practitioners Community presently. Why? Because, miraculously with their sanctions, we have promoted the brotherhood among the Orisa and ...

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Orí ejò

Orí ejò

Bí kò bá sí ọpẹ́lọpẹ́ orí, à bá tí mú ejò digi lókoÌtàkùn mà lejòKíni yoo bá ejò ṣẹ́gun Orí ejò ní yoo bá ejò ṣẹ́gun Orí ejò Mo sé ní ìwúre pe orí kálukú wa yoo báwa ṣẹ́gun ọ̀tá gbogboAkò ní ...

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European Ancestor Versus Oodua Ancestor Which One Marches Your Dna

European Ancestor Versus Oodua Ancestor: Which One Marches Your DNA?

OODUA Ancestors are well over 50,000years old in existence; While European Ancestors conscripted by the Roman Vatican are not more that 5,000years old in existence. According to Archeological research reports. How can a reasonable human being abandoned honouring his Ancestor ...

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Òsá Òtúrá says, “What is Truth?” I say, “What is Truth?” Ọ̀rúnmìlá says, “Truth is the Lord of Heaven guiding the Earth.” Ọ̀rúnmìlá says, “Truth is the Unseen One guiding the Earth. The wisdom of Olódùmarè he is using.” Òsá ...

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Following the Reaper Gleaners of Eji Koko Iwori

Eni a ba wa’de Laa ba rele Eni aja bawa laja nba lo Dia fun Eleji Iwori Ti yoo teju no akapo re girigiri Ebo ni won ni o wase O gbebo, o rubo Ifa teju mo mi koo wo ...

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Obatala visits Wole Soyinka at age 83

By Bode Sowande I gave a public lecture at the Schomburg Centre, Harlem, New York in the late 90s and the subject of homosexuality was addressed by me, and one theatre director accused me of intolerance. The sum of my ...

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slavery in-africa

“Where was Ifa when our Ancestors walked alone during slavery” ?

Many do not understand what Ifa represent today or what it is all about and this has generated heated argument all around the world among scholars. Up to the point when the Araba of Oworonsoki posted, “with Ifa you will ...

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