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IFÁ is the Divine Message of Olodumare to mankind….

” Ifa is not merely a collection of verses, proverbs, parables and anecdotes. Ifa is God’s sacred message to mankind. It is the embodiment of the totality of human existence.” Ifa is the Divine Message of Olodumare to mankind and ...

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Photos and videos from Eyo Festival 2017

Photos, Videos from Eyo Festival 2017

      Photos: Tinubu, Ambode, others celebrate Eyo Festival in Lagos Procession by Groups at Eyo Festival, 2017.   “Eyo Festival’s’’ early morning showers – Signs of peace, acceptance by Gods of Lagos City   Lagosians in their thousands ...

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Lucumí Vocabulary: How Yoruba Culture Survived The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade ?

Yoruba Culture Yet Survives The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade ???????? Lucumí Vocabulary Is Another Version Of Yoruba Language Spoken By Yoruba Slave Immigrants In North & South America. Here are a few words in Lucumí to get you started: Adié: Hen ...

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Yemoja (Yemanja/Lemanja) – The Goddess of fertility and love

Translated Version! Yemoja is one of the most important female deity in Yoruba spirituality, that has a very close association with water elements. Yemoja is a Goddess of fertility and love because Yemoja name her self means mother of many ...

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yoruba religion

Como Trabaja Ifa en nuestras vidas?

Aboru aboye abosise!! Buenas noche comunidad Yoruba !! Cada vez falta mucho menos del 15 al 25 de Mayo estara en Argentina el Oluwo Ricardo Acevedo del egbe Sekunderin Oturupon Isokun quien bajo la tutela del maestro Baba Solagbade Popoola ...

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Aboru Aboye Abosise

Aboru Aboye Abosise: The 3 important women

“Aboru Aboye Abosise were three important women. They helped Òrúnmìlà when he was in despair, these women came and helped him out as told in the sacred Odu Ifa Ogunda Méjì. That’s why Òrúnmìlà gave the law that when anyone ...

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ose ifa

Ose Ifa is one of the most important days in Orisa worship!

  Listen to this from Owonrin Ojo Ose(Owonrin ika) Owonrin woka woka Adifa fun Orunmila ti nlo re gbe Ojo Ose niyawo Ifa wa fun mi lowo Ose temi Oni nijo Ose Ifa wa fun n’ire gbogbo Ose temi Oni ...

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No-human sacrifice in yoruba religion

African Traditional Religion (Of Ifa/Orisa/Yoruba Religion) Does not require any Human Sacrifice !

In the tradition of Ifa/Orisha the traditional practice of the Yoruba People of South Western Nigeria sacrifice is important, it is the most important of this tradition. The Yoruba’s believes that with sacrifice all problems can be solved and it ...

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The Yoruba metaphysical concepts of Ori and Akunleyan

If you can reconcile the Yoruba metaphysical concepts of Ori and Akunleyan, on one side, with the concepts of dafa (divination) and ebo ruru (sacrifice), on the other, then you can easily reconcile the rationalist arguments with the empiricist arguments ...

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Ebo !!!

“The weapon of all true traditionalist. Ebo is powerful Ebo is prayer Ebo solves the unseen problems Ebo helps prevent tribulations Ebo cleanse my soul It makes me feel complete Ebo doesn’t require human part Ebo is pure Ebo is ...

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