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ifa 100 percent honest

Ifa is a connector between Elodumare (God) and mankind (Must Read)

Ifa is not a confusionist and neither he’s a traitor. Ifa explains the rationale behind wealth, sorrow, success, failure, sickness, death and the likes, and ensures purity and cleanliness. People contact Ifa for guidance and prosperity. We Babalawos are dedicated ...

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ibeji twins

“Yorùbá Real history: Oró ikomojade !

Do you know that back in those days in Yorùbá land, if we give birth to a new born baby: Baby boy will be named on the 9th day of birth Baby girl will be named on the 7th day ...

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Yoruba culture in marriage

Real history of Yorùbá culture in Marriage As explained in Ogbe Ògúndá

In the history of the Yorùbá people, marriage has been very significant and its a thing of joy. Marriage is not just something that happens between just a man and woman alone. Marriage includes a relationship between the husband, wife, ...

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Happy Ose Ifa Day In This Week To We All Olorisa Practitioners Both Home And In Diaspora

May this OSE IFA brings happiness and healthy in wealthy for all of us… ASE OO…claims this prayer with share the info on your page…ase o Read this Article on: IFÁ DIVINATION Through Inconvenience & Discomfort, Growth is Promoted. “Dedicated to ...

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ifa 100 percent honest

Happy OSE IFA day !!!

Happy OSE IFA day in the week to we all OLORISA practitioners both home and in diaspora. I pray that ifa and all ORISA in heaven and earth will answer our prayer…. Claims this with only ASE…. Read this Article ...

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ori ifa verse

Ifa sees what is happening – Must Read !

A friend of mine told me that one of her sister’s husband is very sick for the past few months. He has been hospitalized but still no sign of any changes. She knows I’m a traditionalist so she told me to ...

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What do we really know about the Orisa of the Yoruba Land?

Yorùbá Traditheological Class For Those Who Are Interested Both Beginners, Intermediates And Advanced Learning. And how many of you who don’t participate to a temple in Nigeria, or a Terreiro in Brazil, always wished to worship the Orisa in their ...

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Ifa Tradition: The Enchantment Of Creation

By Omo Awo Ifabunmi and Omo Awo Ifawumi We often talk about Ifa and our tradition, leaving involuntarily some basic explanations about what we practice and to which we devote our lives. What is Ifa? Ifa is life, is the ...

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Photo Of the Day !

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ifa ni

Today is the first of February, Ose Ifa

After some meditation, I came with this “food for thought”. What have you done to be remembered for positively when you are gone? Then, hear this from Ejiogbe:- Bi aba de ibi ise nise laase Adifa fun Akilapa Kirakira tii ...

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