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For the Ifa Orisa/Isese: Have we forgotten the promises of Ifa to us for this year?

Ela moyin Aboru, moyin Aboye, moyin Abosise, Whether we are seeing from Obara Irete or from Ogunda Owonrin, what we have is all the expert, skilled, workmanship for the world that comes at the hands of Olodumare and Ifa. Our ...

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Listen to what Ifa Says in Osa logbe.

I marvel when I meditate on the words of Ifa, especially on life situations and testimony. Yes, Ifa said it all in Osa logbe. Eni a ni ko kinni leyin egun lo fi s’owo Eni a ni ko feni loju ...

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Who is Ori?

Ori is you….the essential divinity in you that struggles to maintain constancy with your chosen destiny on your behalf. Even in the worship of Orisa of our head, it is Ori that determines the quality of our relationship with Orisa. ...

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ifa 100 percent honest

How to follow the path of Ifa and the irunmole

To follow the path of Ifa and the irunmole, one must begin at the beginning: God first, Esu and Orunmila below, the irunmole, the elders and parents, then our self. LikeShow more reactions

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Eleri Ipin is a frequent traveller to foreign lands? listen to this from Ose!

How I wish I can speak many languages like Orunmila instead of relying on interpreters who would add one or two things to suit themselves especially when visiting Brazil and Venezuela. If you doubt that Eleri Ipin is a frequent ...

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Orunmila The Owner Of The Spiritual Rope Of Ife That Connected All The Deities(àjoní Okun Ife).

Ekaaro eyin eniyan mi, aojiire bi? Aku ise ana o, mo gbaladura laaro yi bi a se njade lo wipe eledumare yio da abo re to nipon to si gboro bowa o ase. Laaro yi mo fe ki eyin eniyan ...

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ifa ni

Check out what Odù Ifá says !

In this Odù Ifá tells us that in the moments when we find the difficulty for the realizations, we must slow down our haste and review our plans, because in them they lack the objectivity and with that the obvious ...

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Obodoukwu Festival2

Colourful Pictures From Obodoukwu Festival Held In Imo State

Imo State has always been known all over the world by their academic exploits as well as their cultural heritage. Obodoukwu festival is one of the numerous cultural celebration which attracts different people from different ethnicity to Imo State. This ...

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Ipese For Iyami Osoronga !!!

By Babalawo Ifaseun, Oluwo prince Ifaleke and Omo awo Ifawumi. uk1 The Iyami are supernatural women who have been blessed by Eledumare with a great power which can be seen in the Odu Ifa Osetua, where it is written: anyone ...

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Ogbe Rikusa ifa Divination

An extract from the book “Ifa: An Exposition of Ifa Literacy Corpus” by Wande Abimbola.

In Yorubaland, lfa priests (babalawo) are usually very poor. This is because no babalawo uses his position to enrich himself in any way; he must not refuse anybody his service on account of money-if any person is too poor to ...

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