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Images from Mavin Concert in London

Mavin artists including Tiwa Savage, Dr Sid, Korede Bello, Di’Ja, Reekardo Banks and Mavin CEO Don Jazzy gave cold London some heat using their performance at their London concert which held yesterday evening at the o2 Indigo London. CLick on the photo Gallery above to see pics..

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Entertainment and The Image of Nigeria

For quite some time, the image of Nigeria is a huge soiled one. The folks are misunderstood, and the image stands firm. The image has been built through the entire years, and culture and history has combined as powerful forces to create the image of Nigeria. The remaining world thinks with this country as poor, illiterate, and slow in advancement.

That is unfortunate since this image is especially formed by stereotypical perceptions of the people in the country. Put simply, it’s as a result of insufficient understanding for the folks residing in Nigeria. People outside with this country don’t truly understand the culture, and this results in misconceptions. The folks of this country recognize that it’s likely to take lots of time and resources to greatly help reshape the image that’s taken root through the entire years. Because of this, they turn to popular culture – educating through movies and films.

Films are one of many fastest method to communicate important messages throughout the globe. Since they are intended to entertain, they often attract huge crowds. A well-crafted, award winning film can attract lots of attention from the media. They’re showcased in film festivals, and individuals from other nations can exchange ideas and appreciate the works of others. Through this manner, perceptions of every and every culture starts to change. From the films, there’s a trade of information – details about one culture with another.

Such information is conveyed through films in two different manners – the graphic images, and the music. Music, as everyone understands, is universal. By hearing the sounds in the films, the audience gets a great comprehension of the feelings of the characters within the film. Thus, in a non-verbal manner, they can understand the emotions of the folks owned by a particular culture.

Graphic images tend to be more straight forward. They convey messages of what’s appropriate and what’s inappropriate. Nigerian films are beginning to portray the lives of the young surviving in their country. Such films provide insight about what is happening within the country. The cities are beginning to flourish, and most of the young and able are getting into the cities for a top quality of life. The lives of the teenagers provide rich content for the films.

The films reveal that Nigeria is no further a nation that’s lacking behind, and slow in advancing. Because of the evolution of technology, the young has be and more tech savvy. Harnessing the ability of technology, many has had the opportunity to produce progress in leaps and bounds making use of their careers. It’s a positive sign that the united states is thriving.

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