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Should I Divorce My Wife?

I had introduction. We we’re about to do the traditional marriage. Her mother died. I invited the family after two years since her parents are dead one of the distant uncle gave me a bill, including a cow. We opted for a court marriage. It was done.

But this woman is disrespectful. Pastors prophet tell she has a spirit husband. Sometimes I see a man fighting me in the dream. After sex smthing will bit my d..k. 3 times a year. She refused to go for deliverance. She is stubborn and self centered.

Her brothers and sisters are supporting her ill manners. Myself and brothers have gone to the police station once. This is because of the differences. Ok, Come and take your sister I won’t see them. She can leave my kids for me or take them along. I do 80percent of the spending, paying house rent for more than 10 years and payment of fees. A frigid woman that hate sex like shit.

People advise I stay because of the kids. But I can’t continue like this. I am fed up .

Please advise no insult.

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