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Igbakeji ooni of IFE abormination

Ooni Of Ife is not the Igbakeji of Oyinbo Jesus, See Why (Access to Information is Powerful)

In Ancient Egypt, Ausar (i.e. Osiris) was the mythological father. The SUN, personified by Heru (I.e. Horus), was Ausar’s visible manifestation on earth, and the pharaoh was Ausar’s vicar on earth.

In Ptolemaic Egypt, Serapis (i.e. Osiris + Apis bull) was the mythological father, and the Ptolemaic pharaoh was his vicar on earth.

In the Roman system, Jesus (i.e. an adaption of Serapis) was the mythological father. He was also his own visible manifestation on earth as the SUN, personified as the SON, and the Pope is his vicar on earth.

The Anglican system is the same as the Roman system except that the Queen is the vicar of Christ on earth.

In conclusion, the doctrine of divine right of kings is relative to one’s environment and culture. The Ooni of Ife is the Adimula Igbakeji Orisa n’la. The Ooni is not the Igbakeji of Oyinbo Jesus, for Oyinbo Jesus and Olodumare are not synonymous at all.

It’s Oba Ogunwusi’s prerogative to praise and worship whoever he wants but not in his capacity as the Ooni of Ife, the Arole Oduduwa.

We call upon all the Yoruba kingmakers to desist from enthroning intellectual infants as Obas.

Ifa D.


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  1. African Shop Online

    we need a soldier in this post not some ooni without balls to be worshiping in queens of england church like puppet.uncivilized


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