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Ooni of Ife: The 1st & Progenitor Of The Yoruba People !(First among equals)

Ọọ̀ni  Ilé-Ifẹ̀ (Ooni of Ife )

In the start of Yoruba mythology, the universe was made out of two components, the ethereal sky above and a watery tumult beneath. Two divine beings manage over both these primordial domains.

Olokun manages this watery abyss, a sea- realm populated via ocean spirits. As expert of the deep, he has an incredible understanding into the puzzles of nature. He can see into the far off past and the far flung future, allowing him with a significant wisdom. He comprehends the mysteries of envisioning, contemplation, psychic capacity and healing. The individuals who venerate him frequently look for personal strengthening, with a specific end goal to make themselves better leader..

  1. The remarkable quality of liturgical Yoruba is that the words used for invocation also carry meaning that reveals the inner essense of the Spiritual Force itself. For example, the word Obatala is used to describe the Force in Nature science calls white light. Ifa teaches that everything in the universe has some form of consciousness (ori). Saying the word Obatala places human consciousness in alighnment with the consciousness of white light. It does while telling us something about the quality of white light. The word Obatala is an eliysian of the phrase; O (Spirit) ba (power of expansion or male energy ie; Baba) ota (stone) ala (light).
  2. The word Obatala in  the context of Odu Ifa (Yoruba Scripture) means; the Spirit of the expansive quality of light that comes from the eternal stone of Creation (center point of the universe). Olatunde Sproye in his book Yoruba without Tears states there are one hundred and twenty-six combinations of vowels and consonants used as the basis for the Yoruba Language. ba be be bi bo bo bu da de de di do do du fa fe fe fi fo fo fu ga ge ge gi go go gu gba gbe gbe gbi gbo gbo gbu ha he he hi ho ho hu ja je je ji jo jo ju ka ke ke ki ko ko ku la le le li lo lo lu ma me me mi mo mo mo mu na ne ne ni no no nu pa pe pe pi po po pu ra re re ri ro ro ru sa se se si so so su ta te te ti to to tu wa we we wi wo wo wu ya ye ye yi yo yo yu All Yoruba words are a combination of these fundamental sounds. One of the rules of Yourba language construction is that portions of a word can be doubled for a change in emphasis, for example; ba (expansive power) baba (father) babagba or baba baba (grandfather). Doubling a word refers to its source or parent, for example Dada (Spirit of Vegitation) would be the parent of da (create). Repeating the word da (create) suggests recreation or the power of vegitation to continiously go throw the process of birth, growth, death and rebirth.
Obatala is sent by Olodumare to creat the human race (which he brought into being via his breath of life). Oduduwa joined with the humans and begat a new bloodline of kings (the Yoruba called him Ooni of Ife, the progenitor of the Yoruba people).

Embodiment of the royal dynasty

Oduduwa is considered as the first of the contemporary dynasty of lords of Ife, a figure who sent his sons and daughters out with crowns to run over the greater part of the other Yoruba kingdoms, which is the reason all illustrious Yoruba genealogies claim ambilineal plunge from its line of leadership and, through it, from Oduduwa. This is additionally why the Ooni of Ife is viewed as first among equals (prevalently rendered in the Latin expression primus inter pares) when amongst his kindred Yoruba monarchs.


Chief of a village, usually of lesser status than an Oba which is an initiated position that is granted directly by the Òòni of Ilé Ifè.

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