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Russian Archeologists Unearth ‘White Walls’ of Ancient Memphis

The Head of the Russian archeological expedition Galina Belova expressed hope that “other archeological witnesses of this early period of Ancient Egypt’s history dated back to nearly 3200 B.C.” will be discovered.  © Sputnik/ A. Basenko A team of Russian archeologists ...

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The alliance between Dragon & the Bear: US Faces Its Ultimate Nightmare – Eric Kraus

By simultaneously attacking Russia and seeking to contain China, the United States has driven an alliance between the two – which should be Washington’s ultimate nightmare, Eric Kraus, an expert on Asian and Russian investments, revealed. We are clearly moving ...

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A threat to ‪#‎US‬ domination? ‪China-Russia Cooperation is Changing World Order – Chinese Media

The Ukrainian crisis and Western sanctions accelerated the expansion of cooperation between Russia and China in the political, military and energy fields. China’s policy of openness and Russia’s East course are closely interconnected, with both countries having a lot in ...

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Rewriting History? Western Boycott of Victory Day Parade in Moscow Unacceptable – Belarusian President Lukashenko

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said that Western leaders are wrong in refusing to participate in the Victory Day Parade to be held on May 9 in Moscow. “I do not support those politicians who refuse to come to the celebration ...

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Darth Vader for US & Israeli Military as Putin is set to Defend Iran with Russian S-300 missile.


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Su-27 Intercepts US Spy Plane Heading Into Russian Airspace

The US RC-135U reconnaissance plane was flying towards the Russian border with its transponder switched off, a Defense Ministry spokesman said in Moscow Saturday.  Maj.-General Igor Konashenkov said that an unidentified airborne target was spotted over the Baltic Sea by Russian air ...

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Greece ‘Openly Disapproves’ of Anti-Russian Sanctions

During a joint press conference with President Vladimir Putin, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said that the EU economic war against Russia could lead to a new Cold War, and that Athens will try to become a ‘negotiations bridge’ between ...

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Why the Russians cannot be defeated –

Writen By Muravei-s Translated from Russian by J.Hawk I was compelled to write this article by the following photograph: It’s a famous photo. Georgia, August 8, 2008. After the Georgian army’s defeat, its retreating forces regrouped and decided to return ...

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Yes, Russia is *still* ready for war – even nuclear war

On March 1st of last year I wrote an article entitled “Obama just made things much, much worse in the Ukraine – now Russia is ready for war” in which I wrote the following: “I hope and pray that Obama, ...

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Official Says US Fears Failure in Isolating Russia Amid May 9 Celebrations

Head of the foreign-affairs committee of the Russian State Duma Alexei Pushkov claims that Washington fears its attempts to isolate Russia from the Western world are failing as seen in the US reaction to Czech President Milos Zeman’s plan to ...

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