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“Spanish Cosmetic surgeon’s carelessness caused Steller Obasanjo’s death”

In his disputable new personal history titled, My Watch, ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo said he didn’t realize that his late wife, ex-First lady Stella Obasanjo had been wanting to experience a tummy tuck to stamp her 60th birthday commemoration. A restorative surgery that later murdered her.

On page 240 in Volume two of his book, Obasanjo said it was after she had passed on October 23rd 2005 in Spain that he figured out what truly slaughtered her. See what he said bellow.

“After the internment, I decided to look into the circumstances of her death. I found that part of her 60th birthday anniversary, which was unknown to me, was her operation for her tummy and her shape.”

The former President said through the help of the Nigerian Embassy in Spain, he was able to get justice for his wife who according to him, died due to the cosmetic surgeon’s carelessness
“I instructed that the doctor and the clinic be prosecuted. The lost life cannot be brought back but the successful prosecution would prevent carelessness and loss of life in the future”.

He said the doctor was made to pay damages which was collected by Olu, Stella’s only child and the doctor’s license withdrawn.

He also addressed insinuations that he used his wife as a sacrifice for his success in office
“Before the verdict in Spain, I was unaware of what I came to hear later that I might have caused the death of my wife to sacrifice her for success in my job. That is how wicked and satanic some Nigerians can be in their rumors and mischief.” he said
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