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Iba Obaluaye Oniwowo ado!

Baba dakun ma na wa o! Aase! Que nesse Ose Obaluwaye, todas as dificuldades se vão pra bem longe de nossa família. Peço que divindade que coroou todos os Orisas em cima da Terra, traga reconhecimento e respeito ao nosso ...

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Happy Jakuta day

Be fearless. ‘He challenged the ajero (King). He slapped the gure (King) because of justice, Olusoko, the mighty King, will not be calm at in-laws, fight for me. The just King’ Oríkì Ṣàngó

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Happy sango day to everyone across the globe

Happy sango day to all my people across the globe, May Sango olukoso helps strike thunder to conquer all our enemies who stand our way or wage war against us either physically or spiritually.

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Yoruba Festival

Yorùbá is just too sweet and interesting.

Yorùbá!!! Ogún = 20 Ògùn= Charm Ogun= War Ogún= Inheritance Òógùn= Sweat Ógùnn= long Ógúunn= To stab Ógùún= To climb I wonder why our parents chose English language over this beautiful language. Are you one of those parents that regarded ...

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Stunning 'Oron' Princess Bride

10 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘ORON’ In Akwa-ibom State.

Oron is only popular with maritime academy situated in its environ, but little do we know about the culture and richness of Oron soil and people. They are warm-loving and accommodating. Here are 10 things you didn’t know about ‘Oron ...

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Time to return to using Yoruba, Igbo & hausa as official languages – Ifa Dare writes

In a state of 8.081 million people (2013) according to World Bank, Switzerland is a country in Europe with four official languages which includes French, German, Italian and Romansh. If a country of just 8.081 million could have four official languages then ...

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ifa verse

Happy Ose Ifa today to you all –

Orunmila, a tun Ori eni ti o sunwon se Sugbon eni t’oba gbo’ri e duro ni Orunmila, he corrects bad head (destiny) But for only those who offer their head for deliverance. Happy Ose Ifa today to you all. Stay ...

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Question of the day – Differences & similarities between Awo, Babalawo/Baba awo

General Discussion!!! What are the differences and similarities between the following: 1. AWO 2. BABALAWO 3. BABA AWO Let’s discuss and learn!!!

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Iba Baami Orunmila

Agbaye mo’se Orun!  

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What is Egungun ?

Egungun , in the broadest sense of the word, refers to all types of Yoruba masquerades or masked, costumed figures. When used in its more specific, common sense, ” Egungun ” refers to the Yoruba masquerades connected with ancestor reverence, ...

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