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Best Cryptocurrency Wallet 2020 – Guide

Airbitz Wallet

Airbitz is a top hot wallet as it allows users to send, receive, and store bitcoins. The users of this wallet can transfer assets to any part of the world at any time. Currently, the app only runs on iOS, and Android. However, it is expected that the makers of this wallet will also release a desktop version soon.

These are the features that make Airbitz the best cryptocurrency wallet:

• The wallet address can be linked to a bank account to send and receive coins.
• The security system of the wallet dumps unencrypted or unprotected data. This means only protected data is stored in the mobile cache or storage.
• You can connect the wallet with a mobile via Bluetooth.
• Assets are accessible 24/7.
• There is also an option to send an email or talk with the other person before making a transaction.

Hive Wallet

Hive Wallet

Hive is another excellent Bitcoin wallet with a myriad of features. It has an attractive but simple layout and gives you quick access to bitcoins. Apart from Bitcoin, Hive also lets you store Litecoin. The makers of the wallet are currently working on adding support for many other currencies as well.

Hive only works on iOS-based devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac. To want to use it on Android or Windows is simply impossible.

Here are some features that make Hive the best cryptocurrency wallet 2020:

• Its simple payment process eliminates the need for intermediaries, which makes it the best online cryptocurrency wallet.
• User privacy is Hive’s primary focus.
• Premium customer support.
• It is currently working on adding more advanced features such as peer-to-peer lending, billing, and more.

Schildbach Wallet

Another top wallet for new traders! Schildbach is an Android-based wallet that enables free Bitcoin transactions. The transactions take place without intermediaries and usually involve a small number of coins.
Schildbach is excellent for transferring small funds; however, for users that regularly send or receive large coins, using this wallet may not be the right choice.

These are the top features of Schildbach:

• Reliable security for the private key.
• Global transactions without interference.
• Support for several digital coins.
• Offers the same features as banking services.

Final Thoughts – Best Cryptocurrency Wallet 2020

So these are some top wallets to store crypto assets. Take your time to compare the options and go with the one that has your desired features. For further information, please contact us at your preferred hour.

A Useful Guide For 16 Best Cryptocurrency Wallet 2020 Crypto enthusiast. The cryptocurrency industry has significantly grown over the years. With the amount of users increasing rapidly, the major crypto platforms are striving to make their lives easier. To make this possible, they're creating various forms of digital wallets with the capability to store digital assets and keeping the hackers at bay. Several of those wallets are far more efficient than others. Therefore, it's essential to understand what's the best cryptocurrency wallet is before using one. In this information, we'll consider the top digital wallets which are getting used around…

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