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With ISIL collapsing in Syria, what is Washington’s next move? (Plan B)

By Aram Mirzaei Since the start of this year, with the Russian brokered “de-escalation” zones imposed on several areas in Syria where Washington’s “moderate” rebel proxies are operating, virtually all other forces in Syria have committed themselves to engaging the self-declared ...

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Video: Russia Launches 18 Klub missiles on ISIL Targets From Caspia Sea

The Russian Defense Ministry has released a movie of cruise missile strikes on ISIL targets in Syria, launched over 1500 km away, from the Caspian Sea. Four missile carrier ships participated in the strikes. Missile carrier ships deployed in the ...

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ISIS increases capabilities in Aleppo province. Reasons & Conditions

source: http://southfront.org/isis-increases-capabilities-in-aleppo-province-reasons-conditions/ According to American experts citing certain Syrian humanitarian groups, the Islamic State in recent days has achieved several significant successes in the South Aleppo province and has infiltrated and established control over several districts of the strategically important ...

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Russian jets

Russian Aircraft in Syria Carry Out 88 Sorties in 24 Hours

The targets included ISIL command posts, weapon storage facilities, and sites where the group manufactured explosives, a Russian Defense Ministry spokesman said Tuesday. — Russian aircraft carried out 88 sorties in Syria in 24 hours, the Russian Defense Ministry said ...

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Islamic State Captures Iraq’s Ramadi

The Islamic State jihadist group has captured the central Iraqi city of Ramadi in its entirety amid disputed claims from US and local officials, according to Monday’s media reports. A day earlier in neighboring Syria, US special forces killed a senior ...

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Brutal ISIL Executioner turns out as Norwegian Citizen

According to reports in Norway, the Islamic State executioner who was caught on camera earlier this year decapitating a man on a street in Raqqa, Syria is a Norwegian national.   The Islamic State fighter who was filmed earlier this ...

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Wishful Thinking: US Claims Wins Over ISIL Despite Militants Spread.

The White House has reportedly claimed that the US military has made key gains against the Islamic State despite the militants’ ongoing spread outside Syria and Iraq.   The Obama Administration has said that the US and its allies were ...

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Thousands of ISIL Fighters Hit by Terrifying Flesh-Eating Disease ‘Karma’

As global powers continue to debate the best way to deal with the threat of the self-proclaimed Islamic State, the terrorist group appears to be suffering its own internal problems. Poor hygiene and pollution has led to the spread of ...

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Assad: Turkey actively supporting ISIL (terrorist group) in Syria

Syrian President Bashar Al Assad accused Turkey of intentionally ignoring terrorists of the self-proclaimed Islamic State as they attempt to cross the border between the two countries into Syria. During an interview with a US TV channel, Assad warned that ...

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Western Starndard Foreign Policy: Emergence of ISIL is Obama’s Main ‘Achievement’ – Russian Lawmaker

To have an idea of the Western Standard foreign policy, this article is a must read. Meanwhile, a Russian MP has said that the fundamental aftereffect of US administration” has been the rise of the terrorist association Islamic State. A Kurdish ...

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