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Ifa The Foundation of Yoruba Land

The Yoruba people of South West Nigeria, are one of the largest ethnic group south of the Sahara Desert. In several ways they are one of the most interesting and important people of the continent of Africa. Their religion is ...

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Syrian boy describes Douma ‘chemical attack’ false flag

According to the Russian Ambassador to the UK, this boy and his father will be flown to NY to testify before the UNSC. If that really happens (I predict that the USA will deny them the visa) it will be ...

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Syrian War Report – April 20, 2018: Operations In Southern Damascus, Eastern Qalamoun

On April 19, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies supported by warplanes of the Syrian Air Force launched a military operation against ISIS in the Yarmouk refugee camp and the al-Hajar al-Aswad district in southern Damascus. The SAA ...

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Each “click” brings us one step closer to the “bang!”

[This column was written for the Unz Review] Trump pulled the trigger, but instead of a “bang!” what the world heard was a demure “click”. Considering that we are talking about playing a most dangerous game of potentially nuclear Russian AngloZionist roulette, ...

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Syrian War Report – April 19, 2018: Journalists Find Boy Filmed In Staged Video Of Chemical Attack In Douma

A group of Russian correspondents led by Evgeny Poddubny has found a boy filmed by the White Helmets in their video showing people “affected” by the alleged chemical attack in Douma on April 7. According to Poddubny: 11-year-old Hassan Diab ...

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Photo Gallery News Report: Jaish Al-islam Hq And Underground Prison Captured By Syrian Army In Douma

On April 14, the Syrian Arab Army and its allies liberated the city of Douma and thus the whole region of Eastern Ghouta, nearby the Syrian capital of Damacus. Government forces also captured most of the infrastructure developed by Jaish ...

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Roger Waters condemned

Ex-pink Floyd Front-man calls out White Helmets As “fake Organization” Creating Propaganda For Militants

According to emails revealed by US journalist Max Blumenthal, the propaganda organization White Helmets have tried to lobby Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters with Saudi money. The White Helmets have became widely known thanks to the conflcit in Syria where ...

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Syrian War Report – April 18, 2018: Syrian Army Advances In Rastan, Reaches Deal In Dumayr

After the victory in Eastern Ghouta, the Syrian military turned its eyes to other militant-held pockets across the country. On April 15, the Syrian Army and the National Defense Forces launched a military operation against Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat ...

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Egypt Military: Isis Leader Killed In Sinai

On April 18, the Egyptian Defense Ministry announced that its forces had killed a man identified as the leader of ISIS in the Sinai Peninsula this week. According to the Ministry of Defense, Nasser Abu Zaqoul was killed during the ...

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Who dominates Syria?

Things are getting scary… what do you think Trump’s safe word is? #Syria pic.twitter.com/eHcFqqUtbl — IN THE NOW (@IntheNow_tweet) April 17, 2018

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