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NOISE Pollution in Lagos (Video)

The Christians are as guilty as their Muslim counterparts. They make so much noise, block our roads during Sunday services (just like the Muslims do during Jumaat), and litter the streets with all manner of wastes. Is this what the ...

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Mentally disturbed Woman Gives Birth To A Normal & Bouncing Baby Girl In Agbara, Ogun State [Photos] (

Occupants of Shodipo Estate, Agbara, Ogun state had their eyes on stalks Friday morning as they trooped to watch a sound and delightful infant young lady brought to life by a mentally disturbed Woman. The rate appeared to be peculiar ...

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My Football Career Was Cut Short When I Didn’t make The Super Falcons List- Halima

Halima Abubakar has said if not that she was not picked to join the Super Falcons from the club she played with then, Jegede Babes, she would have turned into a footballer today. The performer said she laments not pushing ...

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Héèpà! Where is this orisha devotion taking place?

Your final answer ? Alden Bush – These people are in pain, they are joined hand in hand praising Orisanla…praying for peace…The discrimination and attack by the Christians is a reality in Salvador Bahia, Brazil. Keep these people in your ...

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Watch Sagamu Day !

This is Sagamu, a bustling, historical city where Isese appears to be alive and well….Take note of the pyramid shaped structure in the grove. Who can inform us of its significance?

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what is IFA????

1) (IFA) is the word of Olodunmare send to living and non-living things 2) Ifa is the sacred message of Olodumare to human being and it was reveal through Orunmila (B.A) 3) Ifa is also a way for every creation What is ...

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Do you agree ? Any African Man/Woman who accepts foreign religion either Christianity or Islam is a traitor to his/her motherland!

There has been massive Propaganda or foreign religion advertisement  campaign against the religion of the land in Africa/Nigeria. Most of the Yoruba Film is direct insult to IFA religion (Ifa and all the Orisas) and part of the massive propaganda campaign against ...

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Yoruba !! My destination, to the house of love (Ile ife).

Thinking out loud. Hopefully, I am not too loud. Starring at the cloud above me. Smooth as hell like my breath. Tied to my waist, my beltway, my rout through the traffic of life.  Where Oduduwa reside in spirit, flesh ...

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US Bid to Isolate Russia & Latin America Speeds Creation of New Alliances

Ariel Noyola Rodriguez, economist and editorialist for Contralinea Magazine, takes note of that US endeavors to contain developing economies including Russia and the nations of Latin America work just to hurry these countries’ endeavors to make another, genuinely multipolar world ...

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Western Starndard Foreign Policy: Emergence of ISIL is Obama’s Main ‘Achievement’ – Russian Lawmaker

To have an idea of the Western Standard foreign policy, this article is a must read. Meanwhile, a Russian MP has said that the fundamental aftereffect of US administration” has been the rise of the terrorist association Islamic State. A Kurdish ...

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