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Odu, “Ogunda tua”, cast for yesterday’s Ose Ifa

Looking at the Odu, “Ogunda tua”, cast for today’s Ose Ifa, I can boldly say that we are all “Aborisa”( worshippers of Orisa). Just Iisten:- Ìyere àràmùAdífá fún won nílùú ÀpekusinbaWon ò mo Òòsà tí won ó moo bo ni ...

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Alagba, The Oldest Tortoise In The World

The Oyinbos have agenda of totally erasing the Africa History and we are ignorantly assisting them. I read a report written by some conspiracy theorists on BBC (The father of Propadanda) this morning about the oldest tortoise, Alagba, who died ...

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1st law of Motion in Oodua Language

If you go to most villages in southwest Nigeria, you would find that the secondary schools in those villages are mostly “grammar schools”. You hardly find any science or comprehensive schools in the village. The few schools that attempt to ...

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ilu ibadan

Ilu Ajẹ (Town Of Witches): A Town In Oyo State

There is a small town on your way to Oyo, just behind Fiditi, it’s called “Ilu Ajẹ”. Which literally, translates to “Town of Witches”.Ilu Aje is a relatively large agrarian community with vast lands located between Ilora and Jobele towns ...

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Eyi ni Oruko oye awon oba Alade ni Ile Oodua/Yoruba #tradition #yoruba #king #oba

Ewo ninu won ni oba ilu tiyin Ooni of Ile-Ife Alaafin of Oyo Awujale of Ijebuland Alake of Egbaland Olowu of Owu Oluwo of Iwo Olubadan of Ibadan Soun of Ogbomoso Oba of Benin Owa Obokun of Ijesha Osemawe of ...

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Orisha Osun/Oshun is the divinity of soft waters.

She is a divinity of charm, burst, beauty, seduction. Its aspects are found in its hounsis which are very attractive to people with a crazy natural charm.It is a divinity of joy who does not like quarrels, the spite, the ...

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What Ifa says in Òtúrá’Gàsá (Ótúrá Òsá)

Ifá Is Not For The LazyWhen people see competent Babaláwo and Ìyánífás, all they see is their flexible appointments, “easy life” they live, respect and honor they command and their “smooth and peaceful life”, especially when they don’t work under ...

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#OloJoFestival 2019

Aboru Aboye Òlojó Festival 2019

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Oodua Ifa Chief priests

Oodua priests of ifa are known as babalawo (fathers of secrets). Trained from their youth in the rituals of divination, they are masters of a vast corpus of oral literature known as ese ifa often referred to as containing the ...

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