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Ògúndá Méjì ‘NO 9’

Firstly, whoever this Odu is revealed to need to feed Ogun very well for victory over enemies. And Obe of the affiliated Irunmole of this Odu is Ogún. Secondly, Ifá advise this person to always say whatever is on his/her ...

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Ogbe Rikusa ifa Divination

What is Ose Ifa ?

Ose Ifa is like Thanksgiving. You do it for additional blessing. Please listen to this from Irosun Awoye(Irosun Iwori) Finfin ni tigba Ira ni tagbe Adifa won ni Awoye. Ti won joye alaimoore Erigi alo, Ifa mo wa yin o ...

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Iyanifa of iraye remo

Photo of the day – Aboruboye o, Iyanifa!

Iyanifa. of iraye remo  

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ebo yoruba

“I’ve done several ebos (sacrifice) but my situation financially is getting worst”…

A friend, not yet a fully fledged Babalawo, called me from Venezuela and said as follows:- “Araba, my friend, I think I am going to throw Orunmila away(he meant Ifa)”.I asked, why? He said, “I have done several ebos(sacrifice) and ...

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Òkànràn meji

Òkànràn Méjì ‘NO 8’.

In this Odu, this person needs to reduce his/her level of anger for Ire to stay with him/her. This person needs to know that, he/she is affiliated to Sàngó, therefore he/she needs to always feed Sàngó every time for victory ...

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If you don’t believe in “what will be will be”, then listen to voice of Olodumare in “Idin Ileke (Odi irete)”

A baa wo ‘yara ka ti’lekun mo ‘ri Ohun ti o ma se ni ko ni sai se ni Adifa fun Orisanla Oseremogbo Ti ntorun bo wa’ye Won ni bi o ru’bo nkan nla kan o se Won ni bi ...

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ewe karaleye

Kereyale / Yale – Iwulo Ewe To Wa Ninu Aworan Yi

  Ekaaro eyin eniyan mi, aojiire bi? Aku ise ana o, oni a san wa sire gbogbo, bi odun yi se ntan lo akoni fi aisan pari re lase eledumare ase. Laaro yi mo fe ki a mo iwulo ewe ...

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our culture history

A case for Yoruba and other African languages; If care is not taken, these languages will be no more in another 2 or 3 generations…

“Ko ni baje nigba tiwa o”! Ase! *Please, “like” and share!

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First Colourful Photo from Osun Osogbo festival.

In action during the Osun Osogbo festival.

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Itefa /Isefa

What is Ifa? Ifa itself is a temple of knowledge and wisdom. It is a light that illuminates darkness, solution to problems, Right path Navigator and ability to foresee what the ancient, present and future holds in determining issues surrounding ...

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