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In Videos: Putin Rides With Russian Bikers In Crimea

On August 10, Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated the Night Wolves biker group on the 10th anniversary of a bike show held in Crimea. Putin arrived at the venue of the event riding a Ural motorcycle. He was accompanied by ...

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deportation fever

Deportation Fever: Nigerian Man Jumps Down From 30 Storey In Indonesia While Evading Police Arrest

A Nigerian man has done the unthinkable in Indonesia. According to report,he jumped down from over a thirty storey building while trying to evade police arrest. His legs were scattered when he landed on the ground. He also sustained head ...

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Helpful Remedies For Fixing Bad Breath

Please Help Me! I Cant hold A Conversation!

I do not know whats wrong with me! I do not know how to hold a conversation. I only reply with small talk. E.g I’m fine, Yes, no. I find it difficult to socialize and express views like others.  Even ...

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YAWA – The Impersonator (S2, Episode 6)

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Omoluwabi Ethos, Proudly Oodua

This is Governor Akeredolu holding umbrella for Prof. Wole Soyinka as a mark of respect.To say he won my heart and attention for commendation today is to state the obvious. I’m just too impressed at his humility and confidence. Only few ...

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osun river

First time in the history of Osogbo, A king to follow Empty Osun Container To The River

The Osogbo elders and Osogbo royal families told Baba Olosun of Osogboland to leave Osogbo throughout the duration of the Osun Osogbo festival 2019 and he agreed and he wrote. “I am out of Osogbo now.The king of Osogbo rejected ...

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osun osogbo

I dropped my fufu tray and joined #RevolutionNow protesters because this suffering is too much —70-year-old hawker beaten up by policemen at Osogbo protest

Osun State-based fufu (cassava flour) seller, Mrs Sariyu Akanmu, beaten by the police for participating in the #RevolutionNow protest on Monday, tells BOLA BAMIGBOLA her story Tell us more about yourself. I don’t know when I was born. My parents ...

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Oodua language

From Now On, You Are Free To Say Oodua Language But Not Yoruba Language –

I would have wished it is Oodua language instead of Yoruba language. Anyway, you can call it whatever, let it be known that it is full of wisdom and handsomely philosophical. It is good to read more. I have benefitted ...

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Photos: Checkout the 16 Lamps at the Palace of the Ata-Oja – #Osunosogbofestival2019

This is the “16 Lamps” ceremony, the chiefs light the 16 lamps at the Palace of the Ata-Oja (The King of Osogbo). The King does a traditional dance around it. It’s an all night carnival. This won’t stop until 5 ...

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Photos from Ifa festival 2019 of Araba of Oworonsoki

Eni t’ase loore ti o dupe bi olosa ko ni leru loniAn ingrate is like a robber I wish to express my gratitude to everyone for the love shown on my Ifa festival 2019. My appreciation is expressed from my ...

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