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Ifa initiation by Araba Awodiran Agboola 

What is Ífà Initiation?

ÍFÀ Initiation is a process of birth and rebirth into the world of Ifa.An initiate will become a new person entirely, he/she will have to drop some bad habits and activate another good one. It enable you to have close relationship and good connection with your Orisha, i.e Ori (Head). It will assist you to operate the Orisha within you. ÍFÀ initiation allows you to have deeper knowledge about your existence and it makes you move closer to your destiny.It ...

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‘We will never concede’! Trump doubles down on fraud claims after GSA green-lights power transfer, says lawsuits moving ahead

US President Donald Trump has vowed to “never concede” the 2020 election, despite the Biden-Harris transition team being given the nod to begin the presidential hand-off, insisting his legal challenges are moving at “full speed.” “What does GSA being allowed to preliminarily work with the Dems have to do with continuing to pursue our various cases on what will go down as the most corrupt election in American political history?” Trump said in a tweet late on Monday night, hours after ...

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BTC update

#BTCUpdate: HODL FOMO 2017 Vs 2021

Pls take note: Bitcoin’s purpose has nothing to do with governments, political parties, elections. It is supported by a code without owner and institutions, something free and pure. In addition to being untouchable and intangible, its value goes far beyond what we have already seen. It is a revolutionary idea, liberation, an idea that gives you real control of what is yours. The government can steal oil, gold other natural resources from other countries via war and installing a puppet ...

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Oranmiyan: The Tradition Of The Past Still Remain The Present Always; you are not a Jew or an Arab but the descendant of Oduduwa Race.

Àbórú Àbóyé Àbósísé.Babalawo Ifakorede Ogunsanmi has come again.Please be calm and read the story. The Tradition Of The Past Still Remain The Present AlwaysÍré Gbógbó.The little right up about OranmiyanOranmiyan Omoluabi Odede, Great Prince of Ife, King of the Oodua (Yoruba), also known as Ọranyan, was a Oodua (Yoruba) king from the kingdom of Ile-Ife.Although he was the youngest, he became the prime heir of Oduduwa upon his return to claim his grandfather’s throne. According to Oodua (Yoruba) history, he ...

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