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Strange Disease Kills People In Kogi State

A strange disease, whose symptoms include diarrhea, bloodstained vomiting and high fever has killed 50 people at Okunran, Okoloke and Isanlu-Esa villages in Yagba West Local Government of Kogi. Initial reports had suspected lassa Fever, but medics told Dr. Saka Audu, Commissioner for Health, who visited the affected areas on Thursday, that it was a strange diseases that was unknown. “We initially suspected Lassa Fever after getting some misleading reports about people bleeding around, so we made a diagnosis for ...

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Syrian War Report – August 16, 2017: Army Repels Fierce ISIS Attack Near Euphrates River

On Tuesday, ISIS fighters launched a large counter-attack against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and tribal forces west of the ISIS-held town of Maadan in the southern Raqqah countryside. According to reports, ISIS units entered the villages of al-Buhamad, Athshana, Salem Hamad and Ghanim Ali where heavy clashes erupted. Initially some sources claimed that ISIS recaptured the villages from the SAA, but no photos or videos to confirm this were pprovided. In turn, pro-government sources denied claims about the ISIS ...

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Syrian War Report – August 15, 2017: Tiger Forces Clearing Central Syria From ISIS

Voiceover by Harold Hoover The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) Tiger Forces have been further capitalizing from the airdrop operation conducted behind ISIS defense lines in the Homs-Palmyra countryside. On Monday, the Tiger Forces liberated the villages of Bukhayran, Ariqah and Othmaniyah and then the entire Kawm oasis located on the road between Resafa and Sukhna. On Tuesday, government troops continued developing momentum in the directions of Bir Hisayyah and Taybah. Russian Ka-52 attack helicopters provide a close air support to ...

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kriish 3 Best Bollywood Action Movie

Best Bollywood Action Movie: WOW

Watch the full movie after the page break

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