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causes diabeties

Eating Sugar Is Not The Cause Of Diabetes, See The 4 Causes Of Diabetes That You Do Everyday

Do you know that eating late at night causes type 2 diabetes? Diabetes is an ailment or disease, that affects one’s body ability to reproduce negatively. For any individual that is diabetic, his/her blood glucose will be very high,of which will make one’s body sugar level to be higher than normal. Genetics (inherited from parents),lifestyle and environment, causes type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes causes always multifactorial,which means it’s caused by more than one factors, unlike type 1. Causes Of ...

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Ó ju ẹnu Malami lọ láti ní ètò náà kò bófin mu

Kí ojú má ríbi, gbogbo ara lòògùn rẹ̀, èyí ló mú kí Gómìnà ipinlẹ Ọyọ, Ṣèyí Mákindé sáré tètè gba ìlú Abẹokuta lọ, láti lọ ṣèpàdé pọ̀ pẹ̀lú Olóyè Olusẹgun Ọbasanjọ.

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Ijapa Oke and the Ijapa Odo

Ijapa Odo and Ijapa Oke

We have the Ijapa Oke and the Ijapa Odo . There is the aquatic turtle and the land tortoise. Both can swim. Yarinbo is the female specie while Idere is the younger one. Oodua (Yoruba) is just deep Ijapa Odo Ijapa Oke

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amotekun logo

Amotekun Golden Rule

I saw this beautiful piece on facebook and I decided to share it on here. Don’t kidnap a single Oodua (Yoruba).. Don’t kill a single Oodua (Yoruba)… Dont kill non- Oodua (Yoruba) on Oodua (Yoruba) soil Dont kidnap non- Oodua (Yoruba) on Oodua (Yoruba) soil Don’t destroy the farmlands of Oodua (Yoruba) Don’t open graze on Oodua (Yoruba) land, get a place to rear your cattle or herd.. No RUGA in Oodua (Yoruba) Land… No water ways in Oodua (Yoruba) ...

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