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Balakleya Tochka-U

Balakleya munitions depot disaster Ukraine SITREP

Balakley is near kharkov, which is in Donbass region. People who live there are Russians, Kiev junta and NATO consider the population of the eastern Ukraine to be the “wrong people.”   Kiev regime media is not reporting anything, but according to the locals: Balaklavsky dairy  production plant had been blown up, causing leaks of chlorine and ammonia; An electric power station in town Neftyanik has been blown up; Houses in village Verbovka are on fire; Railroad station Balakleya is ...

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naija gist cucumber

“Cucumber Is My Husband” – Lady in love with Cucumber!

It’s no more news that ladies are finding a brand new use for cucumbers. Perhaps this is exactly why they’re selling like hot cakes in markets. This lady shared a movie claiming the cucumber has become her husband. Guess it must feel real advantageous to her to declare it a husband.

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Obinrin kò ṣe e jánípò si ìdí Àdìrò nikan, Obinrin ló ni gbogbo Ilé

Ìtàn fi yé wa wi pé Yorùbá ka ọ̀rọ̀ obinrin si ni àṣà Yorùbá bi ó ti ẹ jẹ wi pé obinrin ki jẹ Ọba nitori ni àṣà ilú, ọkunrin ló njẹ olóri. Obinrin kò pọ̀ ni ipò agbára. Àwọn ipò obinrin ni ‘Ìyáálé’, eyi jẹ́ iyàwó àgbà tàbi iyàwó àkọ́fẹ́ ninú ẹbí, pàtàki ni ilé o ni iyàwó púpọ̀ ṣùgbọ́n ọkùnrin ni ‘olóri ẹbí’. Ipò obinrin kò pin si idi àdìrò àti inú ilé yókù gẹ́gẹ́ bi Olóri Òṣèlú ...

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Ogbe Rikusa ifa Divination

Babalawo/Onifa Is Not Human Ritualist !

Another crusade must be born !!! Babalawo/Onifa is not human ritualist. I am a happy man today because my numerous posts since over seven years led to “Esu is not Satan”. This can be verified from my timeline. Now this new crusade is very important. Some pictures were displayed today by Ifamimo-Alabalase Temple Ondo Icir where a man was caught with a fresh female head. The ignorants would shout, “these Babalawos have come again”. But we should kick against this ...

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