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Òdómokùnrin kan ní orílè-èdè Ghana ni ó pa ara rè látàrí wípé àwon ebí rè kò gbà kí ó fé ìyá omo rè .

            Òdómokùrin kan ni orílè-èdè Ghana ni ó pa ara rè léyìn ojó díè tí ó pín nípa àwon ebí rè tí kò gbà fun kí ó fé ìyá omo rè….

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Bitcoin breaks through ₦2.16 Mln ($6k), Market Cap Now Exceeds ₦36 Trillion ($100 Billion)

Bitfinex, the greatest volume BTC/USD exchange, broke the ₦2.16 Mln ($6,000) barrier earlier today and has been joined by all the major exchanges. At press time, the price tag on Bitcoin had reached ₦2.16 Mln ($6,041) according to, causing its market capitalization to exceed ₦36 Trillion ($100 bln) for the first time ever. What’s news got to do with it? The most recent surge come a week of consolidation on the $5,000 mark, regardless of the comments of naysayers like Jamie Dimon and the president of ...

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Nneoma Nkechi àti Rochas Okorocha pín àwòrán won tí ó ti pé .

       E wo àwòrán tipétipé Gómìnà Rochas Okorocha àti ìyàwó rè tí ó rewà, Nneoma Nkechi Rochas Okorocha. Àgbà wá búra bí èwe ò bá se ó rí…

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crying woman

Please help, I slept with 2 guys in 24 hours, I’m pregnant! Is there a way to guess the father?

My name is Am***, 29, I have now been seeing two men together for over 6 months and I never had the cause to regret it or feel remorseful until now. I’m 3 months pregnant and I’m in a dilemma of who the father of my unborn baby is. I slept with my two boyfriends in the area of 24 hours or less, something had never happened before. I was caught off guard and I couldn’t run. The one I ...

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