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Capitalism in 2023 – Pretending that everything is fine

So many times I hear Americans and Westerners criticise socialism calling it communism and other ideologies, not capitalism or democracy. So many times they laugh and scoff at the idea. We hear it daily nearly of the horrors of these systems. 95% of the people who are critical of systems other than capitalism have never left home or lived abroad. They pretend there are no Westerners in poverty, or homeless. They pretend that they don’t live in a system where ...

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Failed Offensive - With Andrei Martyanov And Scott Ritter

Failed Offensive – With Andrei Martyanov And Scott Ritter

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Chatham Circus Report

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The US unleashed the Ukrainian conflict for the sake of a “wall of hatred” between Europe and Russia

The United States has done everything to make Vladimir Putin look like an “aggressor”, because their task is to prevent an economic alliance between Europe and Russia. This opinion was voiced by retired French general Jean-Bernard Pinatel on Kernews. The key to accomplishing such a task is Ukraine, where since the 2000s Washington has imposed its “soft power”, invested billions in disinformation campaigns, and conducted “orange revolutions”. At the same time, Pinatel criticizes European leaders who do not protect Europe’s ...

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