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Ijesa tedo

Ijesa o sun Òré: What I Heard From Our Elders

Do you know it is not IJESA OSERE (Ìjẹ̀sà an entertainer) ?It is Ijesa o sun Òré (Ijesa do not sleep on Òré)Òré is a mat (ẹnì ore) and there is history about itLet me explain.“Òré “is a kind of mat that is not as smooth as the other mats and Ijesa people were noted for good mats ,hence it appears in our oríkì…. .” ljesa Omo eleni ateka, ọmọ ẹleni ewele…”In as much as the Ijesha people have good ...

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tick suck blood on dog back royalty free image

Parable Of The Tick And The Dog

Once upon a time, a tick and a dog sat together on a green field.Quickly, the tick buried itself inside the skin of the dog and began to suck the blood of the dog.The dog, feeling dizzy from the loss of blood, wanted to remove the tick from its skin, but the tick invited the other ticks on the field to join in the blood-sucking feast.The dog begged and pleaded with the ticks to leave, but they refused, saying they ...

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made in lagos

Made In Lagos

That was what my clock read. Thirty-four minutes past midnight. Perfect math, I thought. I got up to take a walk. I plugged my ears with my earphones and turned on Apple Music 1. I stepped out into the darkness of the night. The Apple Music Radio deejay started playing some tunes. It was streaming all over the world from London. It was a quiet night as usual and I lost myself in the amazing sounds of the young ones, ...

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checkmate fighter

Checkmate fighter puts Russia ahead of the game

by Pepe Escobar with permission and first posted at Asia Times The annual MAKS aerospace show kicked off its 2021 installment at Zhukovsky Airport outside Moscow – not with a bang, but with multiple bangs. MAKS – whose name is an acronym for the Russian mouthful Mezhdunarodnyj aviatsionno-kosmiches, literally international aviation and space show – is famous for showing off the latest hits in aerospace and defense technology from major Russian and foreign companies. The lands of Islam would not have failed to ...

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