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ifa 100 percent honest

Ifa is a connector between Elodumare (God) and mankind (Must Read)

Ifa is not a confusionist and neither he’s a traitor. Ifa explains the rationale behind wealth, sorrow, success, failure, sickness, death and the likes, and ensures purity and cleanliness. People contact Ifa for guidance and prosperity. We Babalawos are dedicated to help mankind. Ifa a fun Wa ni alafia. Ase Babalawo Ifagbenga

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ibeji twins

“Yorùbá Real history: Oró ikomojade !

Do you know that back in those days in Yorùbá land, if we give birth to a new born baby: Baby boy will be named on the 9th day of birth Baby girl will be named on the 7th day of birth A boy and a girl twin will be named on the 8th day of birth. There is what we call Oró ikomojade. On the 7th or 9th day of birth, the eldest woman will carry the new born ...

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Yoruba culture in marriage

Real history of Yorùbá culture in Marriage As explained in Ogbe Ògúndá

In the history of the Yorùbá people, marriage has been very significant and its a thing of joy. Marriage is not just something that happens between just a man and woman alone. Marriage includes a relationship between the husband, wife, mothers, fathers and relatives. As explained in Ogbe Ògúndá that it was the suffer that was inflicted on Orunmila in Iwo that we now regard as “Iyawo/Iya Ìwó” meaning “the suffering of Iwo”. So the meaning of wife is Iyawo. ...

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Happy Ose Ifa Day In This Week To We All Olorisa Practitioners Both Home And In Diaspora

May this OSE IFA brings happiness and healthy in wealthy for all of us… ASE OO…claims this prayer with share the info on your page…ase o Read this Article on: IFÁ DIVINATION Through Inconvenience & Discomfort, Growth is Promoted. “Dedicated to the spreading and sharing information and knowledge Hidden for centuries. Ifa is a nature religion that helps to develop realistic relationships with the natural forces that govern the universe.” Ifa is not strictly religion, history, philosophy, or science, but Ifa ...

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